• A joint venture established in 1999 between Anvis Group of Germany and Bel-Essex Corporation.
  • A world-class facility for the production of rubber and rubber-to-metal anti vibration components.
  • Anvis Group and is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of moulded rubber parts and rubber-to-metal-bonded-parts for the Automotive industry and the Automotive supplies industry.
  • Anvis Group product range includes mass dampers, exhaust system isolators and engine mounts.
    Bel-Essex Corporation is a Globally-Integrated Manufacturer & Supplier of various Automotive Components.


  • Manufacturing of rubber and rubber-to-metal components for the Automotive Industry for local and export markets.
  • The objective is to reduce noise, vibration and weight in motor vehicles.


Fixed contracts for the supply of OE include Anvis Group, VWSA, DaimlerChrysler and Otto Fuchs.


  • Designing, engineering, manufacturing, and the establishment of processes and testing facilities.
  • Sophisticated laboratory support quality capability.
  • Supplier of moulds manufactured by the Anvis Group.
  • Rubber to aluminium bushings are clinched/calibrated on a automatic conveyor line and scanned by a digital camera and electronic measuring device.


  • ISO TS 16949 (2002)
  • VWSA "A" Rating


  • Location - Port Elizabeth (RSA)
  • Closest Port - Port Elizabeth (5km)
  • Closest Airport - Port Elizabeth (10km)


  • Metal Preparation
    Metal parts go through hi-tech metal preparation processes which include the utilization of equipment such as grit blasting and degreasing.
  • Adhesive Coating
    Highly specialized equipment applies the undercoat and adhesive onto components prior to the vulcanising operation.
  • Vulcanising
    High tech 450 ton moulding presses support the vulcanising process.
  • Assembly
    Assembly of metal parts to the rubber moulded components concludes Bel-Woco's capability.

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  Bel-Anvis Premises.   Quality Lab.
  Metal Preparation.   Adhesive Coating.
  Vulcanising.   Assembly.
  Callibration   Injection Moulding Machines



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  Exhaust Hangers.   Vibration Absorbers.
  Engine mounting
  Tie Rod Bushing
  Transmission mount



Managing Director:
J.J. (Sewis) Meiring

+27(0)41 484 6388

+27(0)41 484 2422

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 2298, Port Elizabeth, 6056, South Africa

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