Code of Ethics

In support of BEL-ESSEX CORPORATION’s commitment to the promotion of business ethics and fight against corruption, the person named below endorses the CORPORATION’s Code of Business Ethics.

  • We accept the competitive private enterprise system as the best means of ensuring that the requirements of the customer are fully and faithfully met, in terms of price, quality, variety and service.
  • We further accept that the foundation of business should be integrity, fair dealing and efficient service.
  • We stand for fair competition and reject all acts characterized by bad faith and deception and thus accept that the representation of goods and services should be truthfully made and scrupulously fulfilled.
  • Believing that corruption weakens our freedom to compete, exposes us to the threat of criminal sanctions, and discourages investment, we will refuse unilaterally to pay or receive bribes.
  • We undertake to avoid all untruthful or misleading statements in publicity and advertising.
  • We accept this CODE in toto and agree to submit controversies rising thereunder to settlement by voluntary agreement and within the disciplines of the BEL-ESSEX CORPORATION.