Mission Statement

BEL-ESSEX CORPORATION is a brand name and is synonymous with the Mission Statement of the Corporation and all its subsidiaries. The simple three worded statement

“We Deliver Quality” has a powerful message to both users and suppliers of the brand. Broken down into sections, it says the following -

WE this confirms and assures that the Corporation and its branded subsidiaries, always work as a well synchronized mechanism, wherein all members work together, share the same values and ideologies, are proud representatives of the brand, and coordinate their individual talents, skills, knowledge and experience to bring about the expected result. It further informs that everyone within any working entity under the corporate banner is fully informed of the procedures, disciplines, policies and work ethic of that specific entity. This part of the Mission Statement also promises that everyone within the entity is fully inducted on all policies and procedures, works within the predetermined parameters and considers all achievements to be a team effort. There is no “I” in “WE”.

DELIVER this word is broad in meaning and essentially commits all members of any of our corporate entities to actually deliver what is either promised or expected. This means more than just a tangible product being produced, and refers also to the timely completion of administration functions and reports. It is both an internal commitment to each other in the team as well as to any outside party with which we deal. It emphasizes the corporate requirement of rendering service to customers, suppliers and fellow team members. It means employees achieving defined outcomes and completing all functions defined in their job descriptions and more. It refers to clear and precise communication in all directions. It includes the rendering of assistance in meeting each others’ and corporate objectives and outcomes.

QUALITY is self-explanatory in meaning, but again is defined in different terms. Quality in terms of any commodity means fit for the use it was ordered or acquired or to the predetermined specification. Quality in this context extends further than just the commodity bought or sold. We demand quality of workmanship, personal attitudes and behavioural standards of our people at all levels. This extends to all levels of interpersonal relations between peers, subordinates and superiors within the Corporation. It demands this same standard when dealing with customers, suppliers or any other outside agencies or people. Quality standards of work in clerical and administration functions and compilation of prescribed reports are also covered in this meaning. Quality of appearance of our people, our premises and the standards of health and safety are inclusive in our mission. Protection of environment and respect for neighbours form part of the meaning of our Quality.

We Define Quality as “General Excellence”