BEL-ESSEX CORPORATION is a globally integrated Industrial and Commercial Group of Companies, with an integral Brand Image, that fosters organizational strength in its diversity.
Executive appointments to all Group Companies are contractually bound to conform to and uphold the prescribed Policies, Core Ideologies, Generic Strategies and Mission Statement, of the Group.
Policy is defined around the key factors which create the arena and scope for professional and successful business practices within any form of enterprise driven by customer and investment values.
The Corporate Policy further ensures the upholding of employee rights and values, with a focus on development and retention of its People. The Group is an equal opportunity employer and makes conscious efforts to upgrade disadvantaged Groups.

Technological development is a priority in the development, formation and expansion of all its diverse businesses where it strives for continuous learning, upgrading of capability and securing best practices through education, partnerships and professional affiliations.

Policy is further reinforced by a:-

CODE OF ETHICS to which all employees, directors and subsidiaries contractually commit to uphold at all times. [See Annexure A of this Policy Statement]

MISSION STATEMENT that enshrines a collective commitment from all employees and associated agencies to conduct all aspects of business with dedication to delivering above expectation, to prescribed standards, with indisputable professionalism, teamwork and impeccable interpersonal relationships. Quality is defined as general excellence.

GOVERNANCE PRINCIPLE which ensures that all Group Entities are managed on sound and globally accepted management practices, which allows for efficient interactivity by way of regular, scheduled and documented meetings in all Companies, Departments and Divisions. This principle is reinforced by a “Top Down” approach with “owner-driven mentality”.

ADMINISTRATION AND ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES that will always prioritize the establishment of methods and procedures which will ensure accurate reporting, feedback and information flows, applying globally accepted standards.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT CONTROL PHILOSOPHY that confirms the Groups’ recognition of its responsibility to preserving and improving the environment and will not operate in violation of any breach of best practice as defined from time to time by management or any other recognized authority or body.

GENERIC STRATEGY OF “DIFFERENTIATION” sets the Organization and its Subsidiaries in the upper space of competitive business in all spheres. While best practice is always the foundation for activities, it is the ambition of delivering beyond expectations that sets it apart.

THE CORE IDEOLOGY “to be in total control” and drives the need for all functions, activities and service to be managed on outcome-based measures and predetermined objectives, with information of absolute integrity.